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2015 Campaign Resources

Complete documents are available as PDFs, which can be downloaded and/or printed. Certain documents are also provided as text files, which can be downloaded and edited for local needs. Campaign guides include materials for specific users. The contents of the guides are listed as individual files under Other Resources.

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Campaign Guides
Parish Guide (4 pages)   rfr_parishguide.pdf
Diocesan Coordinator Guide (4 pages)   rfr_dcguide.pdf
Bishop Guide (1 page)   rfr_bishopguide.pdf
Speaker Guide (3 pages) English rfr_speakerguide_eng.pdf
  Spanish rfr_speakerguide_spn.pdf
Other Resources
Announcements and Intercessions English rfr_announce_eng.rtf
  Spanish rfr_announce_spn.rtf
Homilies Bilingual (4 pages) rfr_homily.pdf
English (2 pages) rfr_homily_eng.rtf
Spanish (2 pages) rfr_homily_spn.rtf
Parish Materials Request Form English rfr_parish_materials_request_form.rtf
Sample Letters Bishops to Parishioners
  Bishops to Parishioners
  Bishops to Pastors
  For Requesting Speakers rfr_speakerrequest.rtf
Sample Talk English rfr_talk_eng.rtf
  Spanish rfr_talk_spn.rtf
Facts About the RFR English rfr_facts_eng.pdf
  Spanish rfr_facts_spn.pdf
Campaign Promotion
Bulletin Inserts Color, English rfr_insert_color_eng.pdf
  Color, Spanish rfr_insert_color_spn.pdf
  Black and White, English rfr_insert_b&w_eng.pdf
  Black and White, Spanish rfr_insert_b&w_spn.pdf
  Text, English rfr_insert_eng.rtf
  Text, Spanish rfr_insert_spn.rtf
Posters (8.5 x 11 inches) English rfr_poster_small_eng.pdf
  Spanish rfr_poster_small_spn.pdf
Public Relations Materials
Press Release Template English rfr_generalrelease_eng.rtf
  Spanish rfr_generalrelease_spn.rtf
Backgrounder English rfr_backgrounder.pdf